Discovered your work as the writer of the best Interview With The Vampire episode recaps... perhaps the finest companion media I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy. The thought of a new season without knowing ALL of your thoughts on episodes... I don't want to think about it. I'm hoping, as a fan, you'll feel the need to vent some of that on Bluesky or whatnot. What a lovely segue it was into your incredible coverage of the OGL debacle... I'm a fan for life and hope to cross your path at some future edition of PAX Unplugged to say all of this at you again, breathlessly. But, even if that never happens, I'll be watching this space for all of your amazingness that you've yet to share with the world. :)

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God this sucks—I've enjoyed your writing so darn much, wherever I find it! Seconded on your amazing coverage of the OGL, but for me it's the consistent drumbeat of the Gaming Shelf that has been such a lifeline for making sense of this beloved ttrpg community where there is *so much amazingness* that it's hard to find what to look at next! When you talk about service I really felt it with your tireless curation, and darnit I just loved reading your critical perspective on all the things you chose to write about.

You're a kickass journalist Lin—for all of us, I hope you find ways to keep doing this thing you love!

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Like many, I discovered your work through the OGL debacle. Your hard work and excellent writing created a movement, one that I definitely feel has left the RPG space in a good place for the futures. Your work covering the Wyrmwood working conditions and management revealed to many how an abusive management structure persisted over years in what was maybe an iconic brand. I can't imagine how hard it must've been to work on these stories, and the opposition you faced when trying to get them out.

I was devastated to hear about G/O's decision to fire you, and I'm sure they will regret that when they realise what they've lost. Thank you for sharing your hard work, and I know that when you find a new home for it your audience will be there to read it!

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My academic work has not just needed work like yours but proven the need for work like yours, so as I sorta said on Twixter, this is devastating on a lot of levels. I am sad and angry for you, but also for the greater loss. We'll only know how huge it is later... and it's gonna be big, especially with the trajectory of Things To Come.

Corporatization sucks.

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Your article about the s2e8 finale of Our Flag, and the fate of Izzy Hands, made me feel seen. It's the only critical article I've seen about it. And the only published work to discuss how much marginalized fans were hurt.

Thank you.

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